Sorrento, Marina Grande map and services


Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Sorrento and Marina Grande.

1. How to get to Sorrento?

Most public transportation arrives and departs from the EAV – Circumvesuviana train and bus station of Sorrento. The B&B Amoredimare, located in the village of Marina Grande, is connected to the train station in 10 minutes by a shuttle bus that departs about twice every hour. Alternatively, it is a 1,5 Km walk from the train station – click here for directions.

2. Where to park?

The village of Marina Grande has limited traffic. It is possible to park cars and motorcycles at the Aprea car park or at the larger Ulysse car park.

Aprea car park (40 meters away)

  • Open from May to October
  • Hourly rate: 3€
  • Night rate: 25€
  • Motorbike and scooter rate: 5€ for the whole day

Ulysse car park (700 meters away)

3. How to reach the center of Sorrento on foot?

To reach the center of Sorrento we suggest taking Via Marina Grande, the ancient pedestrian street that crosses the historic center and beautiful gardens with breathtaking views. The navigator may suggest going through Via del Mare, but we do not recommend it if you are on foot.

By car and motorbike – If, on the other hand, you are by car or motorbike, then you must necessarily take Via del Mare, which is the only driveway.

5. Where to eat?

Sorrento boasts some of the best restaurants in the world. Click on the button below for a list of restaurants, street food and bars our guests have loved.

Sorrento TAXI app

How to call a TAXI in Sorrento?

Call +39 081 8888 or contact the same number via WhatsApp.

Alternatively, it is possible to call and pay for a TAXI in Sorrento thanks to the convenient GOXGO application, available for both iPhone and Android smartphones. The download is free; to use the app, registration is required.

Click here to check the official TAXI fares published on the Sorrento Municipality website.

Click one of the two buttons below to download the GOXGO app.

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